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New Arrivals on the Farm

4th March 2017 | Farm

Calving is well under way at Shawcroft Farm and the calving sheds are a hive of activity with our new arrivals. The cows have had a well earned rest from milking since Christmas and are calving now and starting to be milked again-to produce milk for our ice cream and cream. Our milk is also sold to Joseph Heler in Cheshire where it is made into cheese.

With calves being born day and night, we are busy caring for the cows and calves. We pride ourselves on rearing healthy calves- priority is given to feeding the calf colostrum as soon as possible (a cows first milk which has super nutrients for the calf) to give it a good start in life. We also give them a cosy straw bed.

Most cows have one calf but we do get twins; Rosa is seen below with gorgeous twin heifer calves (the Pixie twins). All our cows have names and the calves take on their mothers name. Suzie has a favourite calf this year; her name is Joan. Calves also soon develop personalities; some are outgoing, some shy, and some very cheeky.

During calving we have a Friday Bake Off and the team takes it in turns to make a cake. Watch out for updates on the farm including all the calf shed news!



Happy calves grow into happy cows!