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An Indian summer? That will do nicely.

September 14, 2019 - Rosie Dalton

We all love some September sun and looking at the forecast, it’s promising for the rest of the month.
The bees are still busy, the cows are enjoying grazing and we have had some super weddings and events to attend with the ice cream cart and trailer.
On the farm, harvest is nearly complete. This year our winter stocks of fodder are plentiful – what a difference a year makes!
The younger cattle quite often need moving to fields that involves passing through the village. We are fortunate enough to have neighbours and friends to help with manoeuvres; making sure every road and gateway is filled. That’s the beauty of farming and living in a community spirited village.
Chief ice cream taster (aka Angus) has been in demand this week as planning starts for new Christmas flavours.
How does the saying go?
…‘It’s always ice cream weather.’
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