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Ice Cream

Cheeky Chocolate

Cheeky Chocolate

All the chocolate and more! This flavour will certainly please the chocoholics. Whilst the ice cream melts in your mouth, the luxury chocolate chips add a little surprise to each taste.

Strawberries and cream

Wild Strawberries and Cream

A blend of succulent strawberries and our delicious cream means we’ve made the perfect ice cream for all the fruit lovers. This ice cream is ideal for that summer evening BBQ.

Very Vanilla

You can’t beat the old classic- Vanilla! This vanilla is something else; the creamy flavour will melt in your mouth, and is perfect alongside any dessert, especially homemade chocolate brownies.

Rum & Raisin

A classic favourite! Juicy raisins, soaked in rum and then folded into Daltons handmade ice cream is the perfect combination for those of you who like to add a kick to their taste buds

Heavenly Honeycomb

Made with our own honey from the farm and crunchy little honeycomb bites, this dreamy and simply scrumptious ice cream is a must for all ice cream connoisseurs. 

Lemon Curd

Refreshing and velvety. This deliciously smooth ice cream is a perfect spring time flavour.

Chocolate Orange

A Dalton’s best seller - smooth, light Belgium chocolate with a tangy orange twist.

Malty Crunch

Inspired by Malteasers, this flavour has a malty taste, with the occasional crunch throughout. Something a bit different!


Fresh and fruity! Pineapple is the perfect, refreshing summer flavour. With real chunks of pineapple blended in the mix.

Amaretto & Black Cherry

Winner of the 'Cream Awards 2019', this luxurious flavour is velvety and smooth, with dark cherry rippled through the nutty base.

White Mint & Chocolate Crisp

Fine, white mint, blended with crunchy chocolate crisp, and already a favourite in Derbyshire. This divine combination will cleanse the palate and is the perfect end to a meal.


Made with Daltons proper coffee and then scattered with Belgian chocolate chips. This ice cream is a coffee lovers dream, creamy and luxurious!

Salted Caramel

The nation's favourite! Using the finest Anglesey sea salt and real caramel, this blend of flavours creates the ultimate indulgent experience.

Raspberry & White Chocolate

Creamy, white chocolate & raspberry flavour ice cream- A Daltons favourite!

Ginger Crackle

Chunks of stem ginger, which give a serious zing to the palette - Award winning 2* great taste award!

Raspberry Sorbet

The deep pink hue gives way to a tangy tongue fizz and a subtle seedy crunch, leaving you delightfully refreshed!

Blackcurrent Sorbet

Bursting with fruity flavour this blackcurrant sorbet is so refreshing. A light dairy free dessert or summer treat at anytime of the day.

Mango Sorbet

Naturally creamy mango sorbet, with fresh mangos. It's a fruity, refreshing and perfect for a hot day.

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