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Short Walks to the hills…and still get the views!

April 4, 2023 - Rosie Dalton

Short Walks to the hills… and still get the views!

All our walks are right here from the shop- feel free to park and walk!

Don’t forget an ice cream break on the way back!

The walk starts up Gidacre Lane, past Cricket club. Continue on the track, through the gate and head up the rough track towards the hill.

Look out for our cows grazing, they get a new field to graze in each day, in the Winter they come into the sheds.

Where the rough track ends, head to the right up the fence line dividing the field. Continue to the gate in the middle of the stone wall.

Turn right and walk along the top of the stone wall following the footpath until you reach the road.

As you walk along the stone wall, marked on the map to your right are Strip Lynchets in the field we call ‘The Warrens’. This is an ancient terrace field system; the result of a field being ploughed over a long period of time. An indication that the farmers have been working the land for thousands of years.

Interestingly, all of our fields have names inherited with each new tenant farmer at Shawcroft Farm. Today you will have walked across: Target Field (Target practice in the war!), Bull Flatts and the Raddle pits (the red earth used to mark or raddle sheep). Other field names include- Palace Gardens, Clean Waves, Tinsel and Bingy’s.

Once on the road, walk back down towards Wootton past the viewpoint car park and over the cattle grid.

Walk past ‘Forage Farm Studio’- If it’ open pop in and view the art and sculpture collection.




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