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Simply delicious… Daltons grass-fed MILK!

January 13, 2021 - Rosie Dalton

During the first lockdown in 2020, a number of people asked if they could buy our milk from the shop. Within ten days, the milk was on the shelf for sale, pasteurised but unhomogenised – the cream rises to the top.

The freshness of the milk is achieved by great teamwork; Henry and Rosa milk the cows in the morning, the milk is pasteurised and bottled by Angus and three hours later it is in the shop for customers. Zero food miles, lower carbon footprint and bottled in reusable glass bottles win, win!

The unique taste of the milk can be attributed to the 100% grass fed cows, the milk has a sweetness and high in Omega 3 fatty acids. We only house the cows for a few weeks in the winter, when ground conditions are too wet. Cows love being out in the fields munching grass, it’s natural and important to us and the way we farm.

Many customers comment that the milk tastes ‘like milk used to taste’, one local says ‘it’s a meal in a bottle’ and makes the best hot chocolate ever. Regular milk buyers are very good at returning the empties to be sterilised and reused, an important part of reducing the impact on the environment.

The quality milk and cream is also used in our other products including ice cream and butter. The cows produce milk from grass to give a delicious, creamy flavour; high in protein and butterfat. Daltons milk tastes exactly how it should, full of flavour and full of goodness–just as nature intended.

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