We always strive to reduce the impact our business has on the environment – both on the farm and in the dairy.

Sustainability at Daltons

We always strive to reduce the impact our business has on the environment – both on the farm and in the dairy. We respect the land, the cows and the environment and we ensure that we only employ people who are on the journey with us.

We work with nature, building healthy soils, supporting the wildlife habitats, and integrating this into our farming practices. Our cows are central to our way of farming. They have a 100% grass fed diet, grazing for as many days as possible, only coming into the sheds in the winter months. We have high standards of welfare, ‘happy cows’ has always been at the heart of our vision at Shawcroft Farm.

We love fresh milk not fresh plastic!

Producing wholesome milk from a low input, sustainable farming ethos enables us to make award winning ice cream and butter. Our products are made at the farm, ensuring low food miles and then sold in the honesty shop.

We only bottle the milk in glass. We love fresh milk not fresh plastic! Our customers help to reduce the impact by returning milk bottles, we wash and re-use them. We are always looking at packaging and the impact this has on the environment. Ice cream is sold in packaging that can be recycled.  Small steps – but helping to make a difference and respecting our fragile planet.

Daltons  Turkeys

Hatching in June our Daltons birds will have the most idyllic life cruising around our diverse native pastures in their bespoke turkey trailer.  The slow growing breeds allow the birds to mature over several months, crafting marbling of the meat to create the superior taste and texture. The birds spend their time foraging for bugs and insects which supplement their finishing diet of locally grown oats, which gives them excellent taste and juicy cover.

The birds are dry plucked by hand before being game-hung for up to 14 days to enhance their flavour and create that truly tender eating experience.

The Future

It is of course a work in progress and we have still got a lot to do. At Daltons, we want to continue to improve and innovate in all areas of the business. Challenging ourselves to do more is exciting. Rest assured – we will continue to take positive steps to protecting and working in this beautiful landscape.

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