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To the hills… walk to the weaver hills!

April 4, 2023 - Rosie Dalton

To The Hills!

The walk starts up Gidacre Lane, past Cricket Club. Continue on the track, through the gate and head up the rough track towards the hill.

Look out for cows grazing!

Great views at the Trig point on ‘The Walk’. Follow the foot path back across the top of the weaver hills and then onto the road.

Turning right, walk on to the raddle pits (Open land with a small viewpoint car park), walk past the car park and continue onto the road until you see the footpath sign on your left. Follow the footpath over the wall and down the fields to the stream. Cross the stream and follow the footpath signs into Stanton.

In Staton take the road to the right heading down toward Ellastone. Take the first right, walk past Wild hay Farm.

Over the stream and along Wild hay Lane, following Hall Lane back into the village of Wootton.

Approx 7.7km and allow 2.5 Hours

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