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Walks- to the park!

April 4, 2023 - Rosie Dalton

Walks- to the park!

From the shop, walk onto the main road and down towards Ellastone.

Take care on the road, particularly near the cottage. Footpath is immediately after the cottage on the right.

Walk across the field, over a stile and follow path to large metal gate. Through the wood and out into parkland.

Across the park diagonally to a stone wall. Follow wall into corner, through another metal gate.

Follow signs that bring you out at the magnificent Wootton Lodge.

Walk diagonally across grass to exit the grounds through a hole in the wall!

Turn left on the road until T junction. Footpath across fields to Ellastone, crossing stream at a stile in the hedge.

Turn right onto main road and then left onto Church lane. Towards the bottom of Church Lane the footpath takes you between two cottages and then over a cattlegrid.

Follow the path back up to Wootton over the fields and then onto Hall Lane.

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